Modern Warfare 2020

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Those enjoying thrilling shootouts and dynamic action will definitely enjoy playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2020 online! The events of the game unfold in the time of World War II. The military actions caught you off guard, a new threat appeared in our homeland when nobody expected it. The enemies captured a whole district and don’t let anyone near the hostages. Remember what you were taught in the war academy and step up against an entire army of terrorists! Take your gun and shoot down all the opponents that will try to kill you. They can be waiting behind every corner, so you need to stay highly alert. You are going to play for a valiant soldier whose main mission is to prevent the invasion of hostile forces into the territory with peaceful dwellers. You’re standing on the first line of defense. Powerful weapons, attention and dexterity will allow you to deal with overwhelming enemies. When on the battlefield, keep your eyes peeled, the foes will show up from different directions. Be careful, fend off al the attacks, aim well and hit the target accurately. Bring down as many terrorist as you can to win. Look for shelters to cover from their bullets and recharge your weapon when there is nobody around. You are the only hope, don’t let your country down!