COD MW 2019

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The are two approaches for revealing historical events. The first and most common is to show the story against the background of the heroes’s lives. However, there is a second way: take the historical background as a basis, but build a biography of fictional characters on it. That’s what the screen writers of Call of Duty: WWII decided to do.

The scenario of the new CoD develops in a very short period of time: literally from the landing in Normandy to the allied forces crossing the Rhine. The main character of the story, a soldier of the 1st Infantry Division, Ronald Daniels, goes to the front voluntarily. He is tormented by the demons of the past, but it is in the war that he finds true friends. One of them, a Jew of German descent Zussman, will put an end to the whole history of WWII, but before this happens, you will see many memorable scenes.

The narrative in the new Call of Duty is diary in nature. A small briefing at the beginning, the chapter concluding the main character’s monologue. Just a new CoD – one of the few games about the Second World War, where the story is important, even if served through the heel of a cliche. The script fulfills the classical mythology of “travel to the kingdom of darkness.” The hero passes fire and water and is reborn as another person.

But, no matter how nice the plot, the main thing in the shooter is still the gameplay, and with this aspect Call of Duty: WWII is doing great. In the gameplay field, CoD is literally crammed with references. The first and most important is the interface and health replenishment system. The life line, like the old one, has to be replenished with the help of first-aid kits. What else? A lot, a lot of features that you will recognize from the original 2003 game and some of other parts. Play online and find out!