Call of Duty Mobile

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Fans of CoD should definitely pay attention to the mobile version of the game that is now available online! It contains memories and joys of past victories, the expectation of Modern Warfare, and everything for which we love the series Sounds, rendering, weapons and icons, graphics, reloading, fonts, series of glasses and perks – all this is familiar to us. You are here in your own cozy environment, and you can quickly figure out what button to push.

Even if you have never played shooters on a mobile device before, you will instantly deal with the controls. There is a light mode with auto shooting, but most prefer to turn it off immediately and shoot on their own – the AI is often mistaken, there are delays. In the settings, you can select the rendering – this should be done depending on your device. It’s good when developers think not only about beauty, but also about owners of devices that were launched years ago. Even on old models, everything is fine: quick start and realistic graphics look very cool.

There are plenty of modes to try out, including basic Team Fight, Front Line, Excellence, Find and Destroy and other. Team Fight is the most dynamic and exciting, it will do for those who enjoy action. It is good in speed and is sure to give you a hefty doze of adrenaline.
If you want to score more points, welcome to Excellence. There is even Royal Battle if you wish to compete against a lot of players and find out who is the strongest. The maps will also give a lot of pleasure to those who have played the legendary shooter since their teens. You’re going to see a good deal of locations from the previous parts yet with a few tweaks to make the gameplay unexpected.

The mobile version of CoD also has an active social element. You can create a clan or join one that already exists. By linking a Facebook page, you can see all your friends, send gifts, play along. Of course, if the whole team is sitting in the same room, scattered opponents have no particular chance: three different grenades arrive in one window. Or one plays as a sniper and tells the location of the opponents to his allies. If you sit in other cities, it’s not a problem – communication also works. In general, Call of Duty Mobile is a fascinating take on the original game that will provide you with a few hours of intense gameplay and plenty of thrilling moments. Join it online right now from your smartphone or tablet and plunge into the fight!