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PUBG Pixel
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Those enjoying thrilling shootouts and dynamic action will definitely enjoy playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2020 ...

Call of Duty Games Play Online

Shooter is a game genre that has plenty of popular franchises in its collection. This is one of the most favorite choices for boys and even some girls sit down to run almost severe men in uniform and fire a sniper’s rifle from time to time. This is great because you can get your doze of adrenaline you lack in everyday life and also give vent to your aggression and anger in the virtual world. Besides, shooters often have an interesting story behind them. One of such games you definitely must try playing is Call of Duty!

From World War II to Middle East

There is perhaps no such player the world who hasn’t heard of CoD. This famous FPS was created as a concept heir of another game, Medal of Honor, but eventually evolved into an independent series. The first chapter offers the players to participate in military campaigns not only for the US and Great Britain, but also USSR which happened for the first time in the genre. You have an opportunity to experience the events of the Normand operation, a slew of actions in Austria and Belgium and also become a participant of the Stalingrad battle and Berlin operation. Let’s agree, this is a hefty choice that offers an exciting setting for a solo campaign and tactically diverse opportunities for multiplayer matches. But Call of Duty didn’t stop there. New and new games were launching at comparatively short intervals throwing the gamers to wedge wars on Far and Close East, on antiterrorist missions and even into not-so-distant future, to something that might look like World War III. As you can see, the plot of the game isn’t just ‘go there, shoot everyone.’ You can actually follow the logic of events and worry for the main heroes.

Realistic weapons, tactical variety, different multiplayer modes!

The gameplay of CoD is a linear shooter from first person where you have to move between the points destroying the enemies from various kinds of weapons. All firearms are replicated highly realistically from actual models. You can improve their characteristics with modules that can be found on the map or, in some versions, even upgrade them between the matches. Except from a tremendous choice of pistols, SNG, DMR and sniper rifles, there are also melee weapons that can give you tactical advantage when you need to act fast and quiet, explosives and all sorts of armor to protect yourself. Certain chapters also introduce futuristic equipment that is yet not in use, or at least not in wide use – such as reactive backpacks.

Aside from a gripping solo campaign that always has a fascinating story behind, the game also can boast a well-developed multiplayer allowing several players to compete in five different modes. You can split into two teams and see who captures a strategic point first or enter a royal battle where only one soldier can survive. Regardless of your weapon preferences and tactical style, Call of Duty is sure to offer you amazing opportunities and emotions! Play different chapters of the legendary shooter on our site and see for yourself!