Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

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In recent years, Call of Duty was experiencing a crisis. The topic of the modern war is used up and it’s unclear what to do next. Until Advanced Warfare that unexpected shook the series and returned to it the title of the most spectacular and hilarious shooter in the world. So what exactly did it bring in? Well, CoD is still an attraction of endless explosions and automatic bursts. Soldiers die, buildings collapse, new soldiers land from helicopters, and so on for six to seven hours of the storyline campaign.

The main innovations are associated with the notorious exoskeleton. the costume from Advanced Warfare teaches you to run faster, jump twenty meters higher, become invisible and so on.

And these exoskeleton capabilities fundamentally change the approach to battle. Now you can bypass the opponents from the flank for a couple of lightning jerks, bounce and crush with a powerful blow from above. Or, say, fly away from enemies and calmly restore health in a secluded corner. You no longer have to hide in shelters. You are fast, agile and incredibly manoeuvrable, and you should use it.

As the campaign progresses, levels increase and become more complicated, narrow corridors are replaced by multi-level open spaces. True, in the end they still converge to linear streets – but after the straightforward “guts” characteristic of the series in recent years, even this fraction of freedom is incredibly pleasing.

Advanced Warfare is a revived fantasy about the fighters of the future, and all the minor corrections to the formula of the previous parts work fine for this. You no longer need to constantly lay C4 – you can break out doors with your bare hands! Instead of explosives, you have something more fun. For example, a small installation, which within a radius of several tens of meters creates a vacuum “bubble” inside which sounds are suppressed. With its help, you can quietly clean entire rooms – but, of course, only at the moments set by the script. Discover all the joys and perks of Advanced Warfare playing the game online on our site!