COD Multiplayer

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If you were asked to describe a perfect soldier, what kind of person would come to your mind? It obviously must be someone brave, but with a cold head, in great physical shape and with advanced military skills, capable of taking optimal decisions in critical situations. All this is about the main hero of COD Multiplayer controlled by an experienced player like you! The storyline tells us about modern-time war events. If you choose a solo mode, you can control the soldiers from special forces of Britain and America and warriors from regular parts. The fights will unfold on the territory of different countries and you’ll see it all on the spectacular, highly detailed locations. The battles are highly lifelike, with realistic analogues of famous weapons and wide tactical abilities for those in love with contemporary warfare. Pay your debt to your motherland and protect it from fierce enemies that invaded the country and started bloody fights here. Now even the smallest village is in captivity and you are going to free all these settlements and save mere people. The lives depend on you! War has never been easy and soon you’ll make sure of that. But you won’t be able to get out until you deal with your enemies. Only then, if you survive, you will be able to return home. But you’ll be a totally different person. Play Call of Duty online and become a perfect soldier!